Is Pocket Money Culture Spoiling Our Kids?

I have been writing about Internet Marketing and SEO and other technical stuff so far. This is just a slight twist in my writing profile. While, often times, I find parents scolding their kids for lavish expenses, some parents have been noticed to be very tight in giving out pocket money to their children. This article is about whether pocket money is good or bad.

Pocket money does not always spoil kids but depends in what case it’s been given, in what condition and how the children are using it. If parents start giving money at the age of 9 yrs it is not quite appreciable. Parents must spare serious thoughts in this regard and need to keep constant eye on their kids and notice how they are spending the money.

‘s absolutely fine not to be a liberal parent, but ensure that the parents are open to the child’s needs. If not, it could be an encouragement of their attitude or kids might go to an extreme step, such as stealing. When kids starts asking for money again and again in a mater of a week, its an indication that the parent should be alert. So sit with them and try to figure out their expenses. Also at the same point of time they should not always question them regarding money or anything where the kids are not comfortable to answer 利是封設計.

The parents can give ideas how to use their pocket money, where they can spend for goods and also how to save the money for later use. Also don’t expect they will totally agree with you. So its always a positive way to ask their views too. Alternatively the kids also will come to know the importance of their views to the parents. If they are asking something very costly but occasionally try to give them or make them understand why you can’t effort. Some children easily gets the financial status of the family, while others are tend to be totally opposite. Often times parents have been noticed making comparison between the kids, which sometimes worsen up the situation, exposing their kids to the risk of doing things that they should not be. Comparison sometimes adversely effect the kids’ psychology.

Try to encourage your kids in their studies, hobbies like painting, singing, playing drums, gardening, and spending money in those in order to avoid the risk of the kids spending in undesirable things. It is essentially necessary to spend times with your kids. Go out for movies, shopping, or a just a drive out. After certain age, teach them how they can earn their own money in a positive ways.