Kumkum Bhagya Written Update – Prachi’s Life in Danger As Abhi Races Against Time

Prachi and Ranbir attend a party where they meet Sid. He tries to kiss her, but she pushes him away as Rhea enters the room and stops him.

Rhea and Prachi clear their misunderstandings and remeet. They are happy to be together again. But, Akshay comes there and separates them.
Prachis Life in Danger

Kumkum Bhagya has become the undisputed leader of Hindi TV. Its unmatched chemistry and storyline have appealed to viewers across age groups. The show has captivated the audience and it has become a part of their daily lives. Recently, the plot has seen a lot of drama. Prachis life is in danger as she is being held hostage by the goons. The latest episode sees Pragya trying to save her daughter.

In the previous episode, Sahana calls Prachi and tells her that she has been trapped in a warehouse. She asks Prachi to come immediately. Prachi tries to escape but the goons catch her and tie her up. Prachi asks the goons to let her free as she has no money and is a poor girl. Anupama Written Update mentions her mother and father to the kidnappers and tries to make them listen to her.

But the kidnappers decide to kill her. As they are about to shoot her, Prachi awakens and tricks them. She starts crying and pleads with them to let her free. She mentions about her mom and dad to the kidnappers again, which makes them pause for a second. Then she screams out the name of her mom, and they realise that she is not dead.

The kidnappers are confused and Prachi manages to escape. She runs out of the room and reaches to the window. Then she sees Ranbir. She hugs him and cries. She is afraid that he will be upset. But Ranbir holds her and comforts her.

Ranbir is worried about Prachis condition and he looks for her everywhere. He feels that his world has stopped. He is desperate to save her. Pragya feels the same and tries to call the police.

Meanwhile, Balbeer is also looking for Prachi. He sees her in the cartoon and takes her outside. He asks Laali to come with him, but she refuses to leave until he is sure that Ranbir hasnt died. He realises that he cant save Ranbir without his wife. He tries to get Laali to go with him, but she refuses to leave Khushi.
Abhis Life in Danger

Kumkum Bhagya is one of the most loved TV shows currently and the latest episode will leave you drooling. The latest episode will see Pragya in danger as she is kidnapped and her life is in jeopardy.

The episode begins with Swarni Dadi arriving at the Mehra Mansion. She is informed that Abhi and Tanu got into a fight. She also gets to know that Abhi and Pragyas marriage ended seven years ago because she broke his trust.

When Abhi is rushed to the hospital, his condition deteriorates and he needs blood urgently. It is then that Pragya reaches the hospital and takes his blood. Her blood group matches and she saves his life.

But this does not stop the haters from targeting Abhi and Pragya. A few days later, King finds out that Abhi is doing better than him on the music charts and he wants to expose his rival. In order to do so, he pays some of his fans to cheer more for Abhi than him and makes the album organizers believe that Abhi is doing better than him. Tarun overhears this and informs Pragya.

But Abhi does not lose hope and he tells the media that he will beat King in the music charts. But Abhi does not realise that this will cost him his three-year music probation and will also force him to pay King the same amount of money he would have got from the record label.

Seeing the anger in her eyes, Abhi realizes that he never understood Prachi. He always took her for granted and now she has made him pay the price. He knows that he has to do anything to get her back but is not sure if he will be able to.

Prachi will be able to save Abhis life in the upcoming episodes but we will have to wait and watch whether she will be able to do it or not. Till then, stay tuned to TellyChakkar for more updates on Kumkum Bhagya. Also, don’t forget to share your views with us in the comments section below.
Rheas Life in Danger

Kumkum Bhagya revolves around Abhi and Prachi’s twin daughters. Prachi is beautiful, simple and kind hearted while her other twin Rhea is a total opposite she is arrogant and egoistic she only thinks about herself and will do anything to get what she wants. Rhea is a mirror image of her evil aunt Alia.

One day Rhea decides to take revenge from her sister and kidnaps her. She locks her in a tank and warns everyone that she will kill her if they try to save her. Everyone is shocked and starts rushing to rescue her, but she threatens to break the glass of the tank if anyone tries to go near her.

But when Prachi comes running to rescue her she hits him with a vase. He realises that she is in danger and he rushes to the tank. He tries to open the lock but it is impossible. He then decides to break the glass of the tank but he gets hurt in the process.

The police come to the scene and they fight off the terrorists. In the end, the police shoot at all of them and captures them. Meanwhile, Pragya is unable to accompany King to the press conference as she has to drop off Kiara for her first day of school. Pragya suggests that King should take Tarun under his wing so that he can earn some work experience and she will meet them later at the press conference.

Meanwhile, Rhea’s life is in danger as she tries to take revenge from her sister and her mother for the death of her father. She plans to kill them both but is caught by Prachi’s brother Siddharth. Later, Prachi and Ranbir clear all the misunderstandings and get back into the Kohli mansion. However, Rhea tries to make Prachi jealous by getting close to college heartthrob and bad boy Ranbir.
Ranbirs Life in Danger

Kumkum Bhagya is a popular television show that has been entertaining viewers for years. The show is popular for its gripping storyline and high-voltage drama. Recently, the show took a major leap and it turned out that Prachi is alive after 6 years. Now, Prachi is living a happy life with her parents and siblings in Bangalore. However, the Kohli family doesnt know about her.

Prachi feels sad that she hasnt seen Ranbir since she was married. She wants to go to the village and meet him. She decides to take her daughter along. Pragya doesnt want to be part of this plan but she agrees anyway.

On the other hand, Abhi has moved on with his life. He is now working at an NGO and he has made a new friend named Shanaya. He is attracted to her but he doesnt want to hurt Ro and tells him about his feelings.

Meanwhile, Vishaka is worried about Prachi and asks her to finish the Grah Pravesh rituals. She is upset when she sees that Prachi isnt following the ritual properly. She tells her that she loves her very much and he is the only person who understands her feelings.

She also mentions that he didnt leave her even when they were living away from each other. She gets emotional and cries. She wishes she could talk to him.

At the Mehra home, Pallavi questions Pragya about her intention of stopping Abhis wedding with Meera. Pragya tries to explain but Aliya doesnt believe her.

Aliya knows that Ranbir loves Prachi very much. She saw his undying love when he went to jail for her and very recently, he fought with his family for her. She doesnt think he will let her go anytime soon.

On the other hand, a mysterious guy, presumable Digvijay meets a snipper and gives him the order to shoot Abhi along with a gun box. He also provides him with advance and details about Abhis current location. Meanwhile, Ranbir also reaches the tank but is stopped by Balbira. He is scared but he manages to escape.