Why Every Business Needs an Outdoor Logo Mat

Logo mats can be an efficient and cost-effective way to promote your business, as their minimalistic design stands out against other marketing collateral.

Custom logo mats come in various styles and materials. Indoor mats may feature scraper or wiper designs to remove dirt from shoes; while outdoor carpet or rubber mats create an inviting image for guests entering your facility.
1. Increase Brand Recognition

Logo mats featuring your company logo can help increase brand recognition. When placed strategically in high traffic areas such as entranceways and lobbies, these out-of-home advertisements create lasting impressions on potential clients that won’t go unnoticed by passersby.

These logo doormats are built for heavy traffic areas and feature durable rubber backing that resists curling and cracking, offering a wide variety of colors to match any interior design scheme. Logo mats provide an affordable way to promote your business and leave an unforgettable first impression with visitors and customers, as well as showcase promotional events and offers.
2. Incredible Logo Mat serves as the first impression for customers visiting your brand, showing that you take great pride in everything about your business and that its details matter to you.

These mats present an ideal marketing opportunity that cannot be duplicated with flyers or social media posts alone. Your mat serves as a high-visibility billboard which will draw in curious passersby.

Heavy-duty, all weather logo mats boast a sturdy construction that can withstand even extreme conditions. Their durable designs trap dirt and moisture before it enters buildings, saving employees from spending their days sweeping or mopping instead. Ideal for use in lobby and entryway areas of commercial facilities with options available to accommodate various traffic intensity levels – with either cleated or smooth backing depending on personal preference, these mats make an impressionful first impression for guests entering through these entrances.
3. Reduce Dirt and Moisture

Logo mats can be an underutilized marketing tool, yet are an ideal way to show off your business branding and company message in an easily accessible location. Not only that but their multifunctional use also includes collecting debris and moisture accumulation while also reducing slipperiness on floors while offering extra comfort when workers must stand for extended periods.

Logo mats come in various designs and colors, featuring dark surfaces to conceal dirt and moisture. Mats created for medium traffic settings offer durable construction as well as efficient dirt trapping capabilities. Molded logo mats are produced by permanently stamping digitally printed high quality graphics onto a durable rubber backing using permanent “stamping”, providing HD image moldings with unlimited color options and durability in heavy traffic environments. They’re an excellent solution when facing harsh weather conditions!
4. Reduce Slips and Falls

An entrance mat featuring your company logo can be an effective way to build brand recognition. By placing it directly under all who enter, your name remains front and center, helping customers recall it in their minds – potentially becoming repeat buyers!

Custom logo mats can be tailored to any business need, such as anti-fatigue mats with your company logo displaying; for instance, such a mat would make an ideal workplace accessory to help employees who must remain standing for extended periods. Their ergonomic designs offer increased productivity while decreasing fatigue.

Custom logo mats are perfect for high traffic areas of any commercial facility, providing protection from dirt and moisture as well as making maintenance simpler.
5. Increase Safety

Carpet logo mats require little in the way of maintenance on your part; most models only need cleaning when dirty.

Logo mats can also serve as an effective way of advertising special promotions and sales events, easily visible for customers to see when entering your shop or office. Customers quickly recognize they’ve come to the correct spot!

Logo entrance mats come in synthetic, coir and rubber materials to meet any need, giving you the flexibility of including your brand message or logo with them. Their hardwearing construction stands up against harsh weather conditions – ideal for schools, hospitals and bars where mass numbers of people will enter and leave regularly. Plus they absorb up to 1.5 gallons of water per square yard while being allergen free and ADA compliant!